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Fiona Sharp

Posted Wednesday 11 Jun 2014 20:46 PM

“My daughter and son both attend classes with Gymnastics for Schools. They both enjoy the classes, they are fun packed energetic and well thought through.
All the children are rewarded for their work, praised well.”

Cassy Wright

Posted Thursday 27 Mar 2014 12:33 PM

“My child has been attending Gymnastics for Schools in her after¬†school club for the past two years, she has learnt many new skills. The coaches are very nice, they are all very organised and happy to talk to the parents if required. I have also suggested new children to come and join the club.”

Head Teacher
Fairchildes Primary School

Posted Thursday 27 Mar 2014 10:36 AM

“We have been using Gymnastics for Schools for a few years now at Fairchildes Primary School. The quality of teaching excellent, the pupils are challenged and engaged and a lesson was observed and praised for it’s high quality in our recent Ofsted Inspection.”

Emma Janes – Ealdham After School Club Coordinator

Posted Friday 09 Sep 2016 11:36 AM

“Kerstie and her team have been providing gymnastics lessons at our school since January 2012. They take place after school and are always at full capacity. The coaches have great rapour with the children and also the parent, who continue to sign their children up again and again. Our KS2 children can receive the added benefit of extended sessions which have proven popular. The children recently took part in our annual summer fair which the school and parents were extremely proud of their work. Its a pleasure to work with Kerstie and would recommend the lessons to anyone.”




Jo Hussey – Head of School

Posted Friday 09 Sep 2016 09:36 AM

“Kerstie worked at Fairchildes for over 6 years. She was fantastic. She worked superbly with our staff liaising regularly with them about the progress of their pupils. The children adored Kerstie and thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. Kerstie has a great way with the children; she is calm and enthusiastic but they know that she means business! The children made huge progress during their sessions; much more progress than could be made by a class teacher teaching gymnastics from a scheme. Kerstie has the knowledge and skill to support children of all abilities. For one session per week Kerstie taught a group of special needs children differentiating on a one to one basis for these children. It was fantastic to watch their confidence grow during these sessions.

I would certainly recommend Kerstie to lead gymnastics in any school.”

Lisa J – Burnt Ash Afterschool Club Coordinator

Posted Friday 10th February 2017 11.08AM

Kerstie and her team have been providing gymnastic lessons at Burnt Ash for over 5 years now. The lessons take place during lunch time and are always full. The coaches have great rapour with the children. The children are always excited and keen to start their warm up.
Kerstie has the knowledge and skills to support children of all abilities, she is professional and confident in her administration too.
Kerstie has taken some of our pupils to local gymnastic competitions to represent our school which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
It is a pleasure to work with Kerstie and would recommend Gymnastics for Schools to anyone.

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