Gymnastics for Schools



Gymnastics for Schools Ltd was founded in September 2011, Kerstie our director chose to bring simple basic gymnastics to local primary schools teaching children safely in their own environment.

The company continued to grow over the years keeping its great rapport with its current school and customers.

Gymnastics for Schools Ltd teaches around 300 children per week, the companies aim is to encourage children to broaden their skills, improve their flexibility and improve their cognitive skills.

We have a great team of coaches who are passionate about teaching allowing the children to shine within their boundaries.

We have our own Facebook page where our customers can see what there children get up too in class.


A Basic Introduction to Gymnastics

Gymnastics as a sport helps all types of children and adults of today, therefore using a range of equipment in class/gym to explore and help teach basic gymnastics skills.

Children work toward the recognised British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and certificates of achievement.

Children are progressed and above all treated fairly within their own range of well being

If individuals show the correct physical composition and aptitude, they will therefore asked to continue training further within a local gymnastics club.

However, this would be a commitment from both child and parental guardian, this may include increased training hours or even competitions.

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