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Gymnastics for Schools

We provide Gymnastic Classes

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Gymnastics For Schools


Gymnastics for Schools Ltd was started back in 2011, the company was developed by a single person whose passion and determination to bring fun and excitement to children through sport. Gymnastics for Schools intention was to develop basic gymnastics classes to school age children, it was found that through a range of fun structured activities coaches were able to engage with children to develop self-confidence, trust with peers and make them enjoy sport.

This small company teaches around 300 children per week in Kent, which allows us to spend more time focusing on the smaller details of our passion, working with schools to develop children’s mindsets, prosper and flourish to be at their best ability.


A Basic Introduction to Gymnastics

Children work toward the our very own GFS award schemes that have been designed and developed to improve flexibility, strength and movement 


Children are progressed and above all treated fairly within their own range of well being

If individuals show the correct physical composition and

aptitude, they will therefore asked to continue training

further within a local gymnastics club.


Classes are designed to maximise time, structured programmes are

used to enhance the children experience

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