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Gymnastics for Schools




Gymnastics for Schools Ltd was founded in September 2011, where its Directors Kerstie and Domenique Maugham, decided that they wanted to bring simple basic Gymnastics to local schools and teach children safely in their own environment. The company has continued to grow over the years and has kept a great rapor with all its current school and customers. Gymnastics for Schools is teaching around 400 members per week in clubs, we as a company aimed to encourage children to broaden their skills, improve their flexibility and improve their cognitive skills in our classes.

Gymnastics for Schools has also managed to expand its trade to Blackpool where we have coaches teaching gymnastics in schools, we have also have managed to secure two Gymnastics for All classes in January 2018, this means anyone in Key Stage 2 can attend our classes without having to attend the school.

We are very lucky to have such a great team of coaches who are all passionate about teaching and want to see all the children shine within their boundaries, we have also set up our very own Facebook page where all our customers can see what there children get up too in class.




A Basic Introduction to Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics is a sport that’s helps all¬†types of children and adults of today, there is a wide range of equipment used in the class/gym this is all used to explore and help teach basic gymnastics skills, all children work toward recognised British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards¬†and certificates of achievement.

All children are treated and progressed at there own speed and treated as individuals, some children may show the correct physical composition and aptitude, therefore will be asked to possibly continue their training further at a local gymnastics club, so they are able to excel. However, this would be a commitment from both child and parental guardian, this may include increased training hours or even competitions.

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